Incorporation and New Business Advisor Services

There's much more to starting a new business than renting space or reserving a domain name. Failing to seek proper advice can lead to legal and financial consequences, and even sink your new venture before it ever gets off the ground.

Palm Beach CPA firm Accounting Management Advisors has the knowledge and experience to help you make the right decisions from the beginning. With our guidance, you’ll choose the best type of entity and the best state under which to incorporate, file the appropriate start-up documents, establish a tax plan, set up financial systems, ensure Social Security compliance, and provide for health insurance and other employee benefits.

We'll be happy to meet with you at no cost or obligation to introduce our firm and discuss how partnering with Accounting Management Advisors can get your new business off to a great start. Call us at (561) 357-8885 to set up an appointment.

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