Take Advantage of 7 Small Business Deductions

Small businesses can take advantage of dozens of tax deductions to reduce what they owe the IRS at tax time. In this article, we share seven top deductions that you may not know about but should.

1. Property rent

If you rent a location for conducting business, you can deduct your rent payments as a business expense. Remember, even if you run a business from a home office, that is not an eligible “property rent” expense for your business. Home office deductions should be made under that category.

2. Software subscriptions

If you purchase or subscribe to business-specific software, those purchases or subscriptions are deductible as miscellaneous deductions under “other business expenses.” 

3. Marketing

You can deduct expenses from marketing your business through promotions or paid advertising. Some examples of deductible marketing expenses are sending mailers to potential or current customers, running a paid social media campaign, buying signs or banners to display at your business, printing business cards or brochures, print advertising, website development, and logo design. There are many more, so consider anything you do to market your business 100 percent deductible.

4. Entertainment

If your business requires you to entertain clients or guests, the IRS allows you to deduct part of those expenses. Entertainment includes clubs, bars, sporting events, restaurants, hunting or fishing events, a hospitality suite or booth at a conference, and more. While you do not have to close a deal or make a sale to claim these entertainment expenses, you must ensure they are exclusively related to your business. 

5. Professional fees

Any professional fees that you pay directly related to your business are deductible. For example, a cleaning crew for your storefront business, an attorney that handles your legal paperwork, or the services of an accountant or CPA that manages your finances – those fees are all deductible. 

6. Employee gifts

You can gift your employees up to $25 per employee per year, which is 100 percent deductible. So, if you want to provide a holiday gift card, a bouquet of flowers for your personal assistant, or send a special birthday treat to those who work for you, it’s a win-win!

7. Taxes

While it may not seem logical, some taxes you pay for your business are fully deductible. This includes state and local income taxes. Employer taxes and state unemployment taxes are also fully deductible.


These seven small business deductions are just the tip of the iceberg regarding some not-so-obvious deductions that may be eluding you! Check with your accountant or CPA to ensure you are reaping all the benefits of your small business.